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Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

Reduces Operating Temperature and Friction - Makes More Horsepower Available And Keeps Your Automatic Functioning Longer; Even Under Severe Conditions Meets the performance requirements of all types of automatic transmissions; including Dextron III, Ford Mercon, Chrysler, Allison C-4 and Type F.

Product Description

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NEO Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) is a unique product that meets the requirements for all types of automatic transmissions. The base stock is a 100% synthetic with a special additive package designed for the synthetic base stock. 

NEO ATF exceeds all performance requirements for General Motors Dexron II; Ford Mercon; Ford Type F; Ford M2C138CJ, M2C166H, M2C163A2; Allison 0-4; Caterpillar TO-2, Sperry Vickers, Denison and Sundstrand hydraulic pump systems. Also suitable for use in power steering systems.

NEO ATF exhibits all the fine characteristics of the synthetic. It remains stable at higher temperature than petroleum products, and it allows operation at much lower temperature than petroleum products. It allows starting and shifting at lower temperature and reduces harmful friction at normal to high temperature so that increased fuel economy can be expected. 

NEO ATF will not decompose at high temperature and form harmful sludge and varnish or corrosive compounds. Sump screens will remain cleaner, thereby allowing full flow.

Changing to NEO ATF

The torque converter of the typical automatic transmission holds a substantial portion of the ATF. To obtain expected results, be sure to drain the torque converter as well as the transmission case before installing NEO ATF. NEO ATF will mix with petroleum products, but leaving any significant amount of the petroleum ATF in the transmission will dilute the NEO and diminish its benefits and shorten its service life. Using aftermarket transmission additives is not necessary and may produce unpredictable results. Use of aftermarket additives voids the NEO warranty.


NEO Automatic Transmission Fluid meets and exceeds requirements for Dexron II; Ford Mercon; Ford Type F; Ford types M2Cl3SCJ, M2C166H, M2C163A2; Allison C-4; Caterpillar TO-2, Sperry Vickers, Denison and Sundstrand hydraulic pump systems.

Specification   Value Test Method
Viscosity: @100°C 7.5 cST  
  @ -23.3°C 810 cP ASTM D-2983
  @ -40°C 8300 cP ASTM D-2983
Flash Point 220°C    
Fire Point      
Pour Point - 54°C    
Density @60°F 6.96 Pounds/Gallon  

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