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Super DOT 610 Racing Brake Fluid

  • High Temperature - Racing Quality
  • Suitable For NASCAR, CART And ALMS / PSR Competition
  • Works Well With Composite Brake Systems
  • 610 deg. F Dry Boiling Point
  • Exceeds DOT 5 Specifications
  • Recommended for ABS Brake Systems
  • Contains No Silicones

Super DOT 610 high temperature brake fluid is designed to take the punishment of the race course, for use in ABS brake systems and stop-and-go commuter traffic. and outperforms any other brake fluid on the market today. Super DOT 610 brake fluid is designed with a wet boiling point of 421°F and dry boiling point of 610°F. These specifications are well above those in the Department of Transportation specifications DOT 3 and 4. Wet boiling point is the boiling point with a specified amount of absorbed moisture; dry boiling point is after the initial moisture boil-off. Further, the low vapor rate of Super DOT 610" virtually eliminates the possibility of vapor lock in the braking system.

NEO Super Dot 610 $24.99 per 16oz. Can

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