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The World Leader in Synthetic Lubricants for Over 39 Years

Super Speedway Synthetic Greases

"Used at Indy, Daytona And Everywhere That Wheel Bearings Have Extreme Loadings"

Designed for the peripheral speeds encountered by wheel bearings in circle track racing. NASCAR proven to provide protection at high temperatures and extreme loadings. Lubricates to 800 deg. F. with no loss of film strength. Available in 1 lb and 10 lb. cans.

  • HPCC#1 Grease

    • High Temp Racing CV Joint Grease
    • State-of-the Art
    • Used in F-1, Rally, NASCAR
    Quantity: Part No.
  • CV500 CV Joint Grease

    • Good Value Grease for OEM
    • Excellent for Off-Road Applications
    Quantity: Part No.
  • HP800 Wheel Bearing Grease

    An 800 degrees F high speed wheel bearing grease designed for peripheral speeds and leadings encountered in circle track racing. Special applications include F1, Off Road, Indy, LeMans, and NASCAR.

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  • Watercraft Grease

    For industries requiring a clean, tenacious, anti-wear grease.

    • U.S.D.A H-1 compliant. Applicable in food processing plants and water industries.
    • Pure Synthetic, completely waterproof and chemical resistant. Sub-micron size PTFE!
    • Can be used in wet or dry conditions from -22 degress F to 350 degress F.
    Quantity: Part No.
  • Z12

    An excellent All-Purpose Lithium Grease than can replace a variety of greases in industrial and automotive sectors.

    Quantity: Part No.

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