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Track-Proven Components
You will not find an oil cooler that offers the combination of durability, performance, and flow of the Setrab Oil Cooler at any price. It is this combination that has allowed Setrab to remain the choice of top teams and builders across all venues of motorsport.

Dimensional Flexibility

Setrab employs precise tooling in more sizes than any other manufacturer to allow more height/width combinations than any other competitor. Most times you will find that the perfect size for your application is a stock item, ensuring imediate availibility.

Braxing Design

While competitors are brazing aluminum oil coolers merely as a method of construction, Setrab’s blend of experienced craftsmen and technological methodology allow this step to afford an even greater performance advantage. Setrab oil coolers are fully-brazed using the NOCOLOK process, eliminating contact resistance or heat transfer barrier between internal components.

Internal Design

Setrab oil coolers employ in-line turbulators to gently stir the oil throughout the cooling process, thereby ensuring that the oil has exposure to the entire internal surface area of the oil cooler with the absolute minimum pressure drop.

Fin Design

The air fin is the most considered and the most visible cooling portion of any oil cooler and the Setrab fin does not disappoint. It incorporates precise mini-louvers for maximum air dissipation and is fully-brazed along the length of the oil tubes.