Startlite Lightweight Engine Hose

Aeroquip Startlite

Up To 45% Lighter Than Standard Hose

Smooth Bore Construction - Minimized Pressure Drop
Maximized Flow

Special "Internet Only Pricing" - Online Orders Only

StartLite Lightweight Hose utilizes a fire retardant Nomex cover and patented AQP elastomer tube liner. The Nomex cover eliminates the need for firesleeve type protective cover required by stainless braided hose. 

StartLite hose assemblies are 45% lighter in weight than conventional high performance stainless braided hose assemblies but has an operating pressure of 200 psi in all sizes and a five to one safety margin at + 300 deg. F.  All sizes are vacuum rated up to 20 in. Hg.

Startlite Hose With Crimp Fittings

Startlite Hose With Reusable Fittings

Startlite Hose can use either standard reusable Aeroquip hose ends or, for the ultimate in weight saving, aluminum crimp - style swivel fittings. Either are available in sizes - 4 thru - 16. Crimped hose ends are installed in our shop using the Aeroquip ProCrimp 1380 assembly machine. 

Startlite is approved for competition use in most major racing series,
including NASCAR, CART, IRL, ALMS, NHRA, and WOO.

Benefits include:

Up to 45% weight savings over stainless braided hose

Fire retardant Nomex Hose construction

Minimal heat dissipation means cooler to the touch

Withstands temperature up to +300 deg. F.

Flexible (bend radius exceeds standard Aeroquip racing hose)

Uses either reusable or crimp style swivel fittings


Hose Size

Part No.



Weight Per Ft.

Min.Bend Radius

Price Per Ft.

- 4 FBU0400 .22" .43" .05 lbs 2" $11.11

- 6




.08 lbs



- 8




.11 lbs



- 10




.14 lbs



- 12






- 16 FBU1600 .88" 1.15" .20 lbs 5.5" $26.59
- 20 FBU2000 1.13" 1.41" .25 lbs 5.5" $37.29

Quantity in Feet: Size:

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Note: Startlite Crimp Hose Ends Must Be
Preassembled In Our Shop.

Only $10 To Assemble !!!

To calculate price for assembled hoses; just add total of crimp hose ends; specify length of hose to the nearest foot and click on assembly charge button. Please provide exact hose dimensions in information box on order form or contact us directly. 

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Hose Assembly - $10.00



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