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"The Baker Backsaver"

Race Driver Protection System


The Backsaver Cushion was developed by NASA to protect astronauts and pilots from fatigue caused by vibration, shock loads and "G" forces. It has proven so successful that it is now used in U.S. fighter aircraft, helicopters and tanks.

Of significant importance was the dramatic reduction of back injuries to fighter pilots while ejecting from theirCasey Mears aircraft in emergencies.

Now used in racing applications by leading teams in Formula One, CART, IRL, Trans Am, NASCAR.

Don't Be Fooled By Imitations There is only one Backsaver, from Baker !!


Improves Driver Performance

  • The driver sits in the cushion, not on it.

  • Molds to exact body shape

  • Does not diminish sensitivity

  • Absorbs shock and vibration - Up to 97% of impact energy

  • Remains cool and comfortable

  • Increased safety factor

  • Meets flammability safety standards

  • Truck

  • Recommend it for your truck or street car


Now Available In Two Sizes

Backsaver I - 16" x 18" x 1" thick

SPECIAL - $65.00


Backsaver II - 35" x 18" x 1" thick

SPECIAL - $134.50


The Baker Backsaver Cushion Increases Pilot Comfort, Limits Shock Impact In Aircraft Seats

When the pilots in Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 162 complained of significant back pain after four to six hours of flight time in the CH - 46 Sea Knight helicopter seats, the squadron began a search for seat cushion material that would minimize the discomfort caused by long - range missions.

"While on deployment at Plattsburgh Air Force Base, we discussed our pilot's back problems with the flight surgeon there and learned that a number of F - 111 fighter pilots experiencing the same problems had begun using seat cushions made of the Backsaver material," says Major J.D. Bales. " The pilots found that the cushions reduce their discomfort and fatigue, even during missions of eight hours or more."

Bales also learned that the Air Force Strategic Air Command had obtained similar results during flight tests of the Backsaver foam cushions. Bales flight - tested several seat configurations and arrived at an optimum design that uses an extra piece of foam for lumbar spine support.

"The results have been excellent", Bales reports. " The Backsaver cushions not only have eliminated virtually all of the pilot's back problems, but have also reduced the helicopter vibrations that contribute to fatigue".


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