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Frequently Asked Questions About Hose and Fittings

1) With all the different types of hose listed, how do I know what I need ?

It looks complicated, but really isn't. If you are building a professional caliber racing car, use stainless braided hose, the choice of pros worldwide. For a substantial weight reduction (45% lighter) at increased cost, choose Aeroquip Startlite, proven in NASCAR. To reduce the cost and still do a professional job, use Aeroquip Socketless Hose. The same goes for Red Horse hose ends, Aeroquip reusable hose ends with stainless braided hose. Aeroquip uses a single nipple compression method of attachment - somewhat easier to assemble.

Use only Aeroquip Socketless Hose Ends With Aeroquip Socketless hose. Special cases - Use only teflon hose for brake lines with PTFE hose ends. And for power steering, use our specific Power Steering hose. 

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2) There are so many different thread sizes on fittings - How do I know what size fits what ?

The basics are that you'll find two types of thread - NPT or pipe thread which has a tapered thread which seals with teflon tape or sealant and AN or SAE thread which is straight cut and requires a crush washer or o - ring to seal. As example, all our hose ends with female thread are an AN thread pitch. They screw onto a male 37 degree flare AN adapter which may have either a pipe thread or AN thread on the other end. Look at our chart to determine sizes. Typically, carburetors, brake calipers and oil pumps that have a female thread will require a crush washer or o - ring. Female pipe threads are most common on aftermarket fuel pumps, gauge lines and in water systems. 

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