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How To Choose The Hose You Need

Stainless Braided Hose

Top of the line stainless braid covered, stainless steel reinforced, synthetic rubber hose for racing applications. Used by professional racers for years. Similar to aircraft hose, extremely flexible, compatible with most standard racing fuels. Not for extreme high pressure applications such as brakes or power steering.

Aeroquip Startlite

Lightweight hose that saves 45% in weight with a Nomex fire retardant cover. Used in any category where cost is less important than weight savings such as Formula One and NASCAR. Available with  reusable fittings or pre - assembled with exceptionally light weight crimped swivel fittings. Not for extreme high pressure applications such as brakes or power steering.

Smooth Bore PTFE Hose

PTFE lined, stainless braid covered hose for use in brake and hydraulic systems, air conditioning and fuel systems where exotic or corrosive fuels are used. Much less flexible than synthetic rubber hose but withstands higher pressures.

Power Steering Hose

Steel and fabric braid reinforced high pressure hose designed for power steering and hydraulic applications.

Aeroquip Socketless Hose

Synthetic rubber hose with fabric braid reinforcement. Good quality, non - braid protected hose for low pressure applications.

How To Choose The Hose End You Need

  • Red Horse Reusable Hose Ends
  • Aeroquip Reusable Hose Ends

Aeroquip hose ends are manufactured from a single piece of material with no welds or brazes and use a compression style design that provides easy assembly. Available in both swivel and non swivel designs and with steel bodies for methanol applications. For use with stainless braided hose or Startlite lightweight hose.

  • Red Horse Socketless Hose Ends
  • Aeroquip Socketless Hose Ends

Designed for push on applications up to 250 psi. Requires no tools to install. For use with Aeroquip socketless hose.

Earl's Econ - O - Fit 

Anodized aluminum hose clamp covers that look like a real hose end.

Smooth Bore PTFE Hose Ends

Premium hose ends for teflon hose, designed for brake systems, hydraulics, air conditioning and fuel systems and available in a variety of shapes and thread sizes.

All of the above are interchangeable with and suitable for use with Goodridge, Russell and XRP products

NOTE; If you are unsure about assembling your own hoses, we can do it for you. Click here to find out how to measure correctly for custom - made hose assemblies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hose and Fittings

1.) With all the different types of hose listed, how do I know what I need?

It looks complicated, but really isn't. If you are building a professional caliber racing car, use stainless braided hose, the choice of pros worldwide. For a substantial weight reduction (45% lighter) at increased cost, choose Aeroquip Startlite, proven in NASCAR. To reduce the cost and still do a professional job, use Aeroquip Socketless Hose. The same goes for Red Horse hose ends, Aeroquip reusable hose ends with stainless braided hose. Aeroquip uses a single nipple compression method of attachment - somewhat easier to assemble.

Use only Aeroquip Socketless Hose Ends With Aeroquip Socketless hose. Special cases - Use only PTFE hose for brake lines with PTFE hose ends. And for power steering, use our specific Power Steering hose.

Still Confused: Send us and E-mail or call us at: 562.427.2375!

2.) There are so many different thread sizes on fittings - How do I know what size fits what ?

The basics are that you'll find two types of thread - NPT or pipe thread which has a tapered thread which seals with teflon tape or sealant and AN or SAE thread which is straight cut and requires a crush washer or o - ring to seal. As example, all our hose ends with female thread are an AN thread pitch. They screw onto a male 37 degree flare AN adapter which may have either a pipe thread or AN thread on the other end. Look at our chart to determine sizes. Typically, carburetors, brake calipers and oil pumps that have a female thread will require a crush washer or o - ring. Female pipe threads are most common on aftermarket fuel pumps, gauge lines and in water systems.