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Stagger Plus Gauge

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"Folds up to conveniently store in your tool box"

Measures your tire's diameter and converts it to circumference. Stagger Plus™ solid design doesn't flex, making it extremely accurate and consistent. Get readings you can rely on to 1/10".

  • 62" to 115"
  • Extra rigid ends
  • Tight tolerance square tube design for accurate results
  • Dual scale - Easy to read with tires on the car or flat on the ground

Part No. 50840 Fits 62" - 95 " Tires - $62.95


Bump Steer Gauge

"The most accurate, easiest and quickest 
way to measure your bump steer" 


Click Here For Bump Steer Technical Information

This simplified design uses a single precision dial indicator to tell you directly the exact amount of bump steer within .001". Everything you need is there: wheel plate with mounting holes for most 5 bolt patterns (4 ˝" to 5") and most wide 5, adjustable stand, and precision dial indicator. The plate can be easily modified for other wheel patterns if needed. Use a floor jack or common bottle jack to move the suspension.

  • Extended height design - check bump steer at ride height or on stands.
  • Single dial indicator design is much easier to use. You read the bump directly.

Part No. 7900 - $209.95


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