Power Steering Fluid

NEO Power Steering Fluid is designed for high performance applications, with anti - foaming agents, anti - wear additives, extreme pressure additives and friction reducers designed to operate under severe conditions, such as are found in racing. It will operate at higher temperatures, resist corrosion due to heat buildup and uses a friction modifying agent to eliminate seal chatter and erratic motion found with standard petroleum based fluids. Used by virtually every racecar equipped with power steering.

  • Resists Foaming and Friction

  • Performs At High temperatures

  • Leaves No Residues Or Lacquers

  • Anti - Chatter Performance Properties

  • High Oxidation Stability

  • Retains Viscosity Under Severe Loadings


Available in 1 quart and 1 gallon bottles

Quart - $15.99

Quantity: Part No.


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