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Staking Procedure And Installation

1) Install bearing into housing per figure 1 and position it symmetrical about housing centerline within .005 (.13mm)

2) Mount bearing and top anvil over bottom anvil guide pin as shown in figure 2.

3) A trial bearing assembly should be made for each new bearing lot to determine the staking force necessary to meet the axial retention load required. Excessive force should be avoided since this may result in bearing distortion and seriously impair bearing function and life.

4) Apply the staking force established by trial assembly, rotate 90 degrees and re-apply force. Repeat procedure for opposite side of bearing.

5) After staking, a slight gap may exist between race lip and housing chamfer as shown in detail in figure 2. This gap should not be a cause for rejection providing the bearing meets the thrust load specified.

Figure 1 - Spherical Bearing Installation

Staking Method
Figure 2 - V- Groove staking method

Staking Tools For ABT and ABWT

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