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Frequently Asked Questions About Rod Ends

How can I determine exactly what I need from all the different brands and part numbers ?

There is no black art to choosing the correct rod end. After you've determined your application and the correct size, it is simply a matter of picking the correct material and load rating. Our recommendations, based on discussions with professionals in racing and car construction worldwide, are as follows:

For the best quality and strength, there is nothing better than NMB /NHBB. These are used by professional racecar constructors worldwide for suspension joints and any area where stress and loading are critical. But, for areas where it may be better for the rod end to fail instead of the suspension component or chassis (examples being stockcars and sprint cars which get hit quite often), a better choice may be the Aurora or FK Alloy Steel Rod End, which can offer a substantial price reduction.

Where weight concerns are primary, the Aurora aluminum body rod end offers substantial weight savings but sacrifices strength.

Other brands of rodends available on special order include National Rod Ends, Heim (the generic term for rod ends has become Heim Joints or Heim Ends), Alinabal, Rose (sometimes called Rose Joints or Rose Bearings), IKO, Tescubal, SKF, Fluoro and QA-1. However, we have found that our current product lines will satisfy virtually any demand.

Please contact us if you have a special need or requirement.