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How To Choose The Correct Rod End

NMB / NHBB are considered to be the finest quality rod ends and spherical bearings available and are the choice of professional racers worldwide, including CART, IRL, F-1, NASCAR, World Rally and similar teams. For most applications, the ART series rod end and ABT series spherical bearing is more than suitable. If higher strength is required, choose the ARHT series rod end or ABWT spherical bearing. For high misalignment applications, such as tie rod ends or suspension components, use the ARYT series rod end or ABYT spherical bearing. All are aircraft quality, PTFE - lined, with stainless steel bodies and races and are available in left and right hand threads. Since only male configurations are available from NHBB / NMB, use Aurora Chrome Moly Rod Ends for female applications.

Aurora and FK Rod Ends are supplied for lesser duty requirements than NHBB / NMB, although for many applications the Aurora AM or FK JM series will provide the strength required at a substantially lower cost. At the bottom of the line in terms of strength and cost are the FK series CM, CB, CW and CG economy rod ends with steel bodies and sintered steel balls. Next in terms of quality is the precision grade FK JM and JF series, with steel bodies and alloyRod Ends steel races and balls. These are sometimes preferred for racing categories where it may be preferable for the rod end to break instead of the suspension or chassis. For racing applications, we recommend the AM, AB, AW and AG series with alloy steel bodies, races and balls and the XAM, XAB, XM, and XB series, and HXAM and HXAB high misalignment series, which have 4130 alloy steel bodies and races. For lightweight applications, we carry the ALM, ALB, XALM and XALB aluminum body rod ends. All are available in both male and female configurations and left and right hand threads. For spherical bearings, look at the COM series. To decide what you need, look at the charts showing load capacities on each page.

FK Rod Ends are the equivalent of Aurora in every respect. Again use alloy steel body rod ends such as the JMX series for critical applications such as suspension components and check the application charts for load capacities and acceptable misalignment angles.