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How To Choose The Correct Rod End and Spherical Bearing

Frequently Asked Questions About Rod Ends and Spherical Bearings

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Formula One Suspension

Off Road Suspension

Pro Racing: Aircraft Quality, Stainless Steel Body, Teflon Liner - Used in professional caliber racing cars of all types, from F-1 to NASCAR to CART. We recommend NHBB / NMB for these applications. Not available in female configuration. NHBB Bearings

Race / Street: Chrome Moly Body, Teflon Liner - For lesser duty race applications such as Formula Ford, Sport 2000, etc, off road and street rods. For sprint cars, midgets and similar applications, we recommend the FK JMXT or JMT series (carbon steel body) where it is beneficial for the rod end to fracture instead of the suspension component.

Commercial: Carbon Steel Body - For throttle linkage, shift linkage and non - racing, lower stress applications. CM Series

A Note About Other Brands of Rod Ends

Other brands of rod ends available on special order include National Rod Ends, Heim (the generic term for rod ends has become Heim Joints or Heim Ends), Alinabal, Rose (sometimes called Rose Joints or Rose Bearings), Fabroid, Radial IKO, Tescubal, SKF, Fluoro and QA-1. However, we have found that our current product lines will satisfy virtually any demand. Please contact us if you have a special need or requirement.

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