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Three Bond Sealants and Thread Locker

Anaerobic Thread Locks


No matter what locking properties are required, one of Three Bond's thread lock products will get the job done. Comparable to Loctite and similar products and used by professional racing teams worldwide, all of Three Bond's thread locks inhibit the development of rust, leaks, corrosion and are not affected by oils, chemicals, salt water, various gases or organic solvents.


Part No. Properties  
TB1342 Low Strength: Frequent Removal 

TB1333B Medium Strength: Bearing & Stud

TB1303 High Strength: Infrequent Removal

TB1360 High Temperature: Extreme Heat


Case Sealant  / Liquid Gasket 


This has replaced Three Bond TB-1104 ThreeBond 1194 is a semidrying liquid gasket whose major component is special synthetic rubber. It shows an excellent sealing effect not only on normal bonded surfaces, but also on bonded surfaces with large clearance. Excellent resistance to vibration and impact. After applied and dried, it will form a rubber like elastic body and exhibit excellent resistance to vibration and impact. Excellent resistance to high and low temperatures. It keeps stable rubber elasticity in a wide temperature range from 40c to 150c. Excellent resistance to water and oil. Effective in preventing leak from threaded portions.

Part No. TB1194 - $7.99



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